Change in America, Impact on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 Change in America, Impact on Pakistan and Afghanistan

  • Donald Trump's defeat in the US presidential election and Joe Biden's victory are proof that playing with emotions, using exaggeration, fanning hatred and making outrageous statements can bring about temporary change and create excitement in society. But the wheel of political and social evolution cannot be turned back.
  • There may be a temporary break through coercion and cruel measures, but sooner or later the collective conscience of the nation awakens and the social realities show their work.
  • Donald Trump came to power against the will of the American establishment and continued to move in the opposite direction even after becoming the ruler, while the case of Imran Khan is the opposite, but there are some things in common between the two which Khan himself admitted in a German magazine. Also in the interview.
  • For example, in the words of CNN's Farid Zakaria, Donald Trump was a narrow-minded, narrow-minded and intolerant ruler and the same traits are present in Imran Khan.
  • Since Trump was completely independent, his passion was reflected on the external front as well as in many other initiatives. But since Imran Khan is a Pakistani brand, his negative sentiments are aimed at his political rivals or critics. There is media.
  • In the name of change, Donald Trump severely damaged American values ​​(Liberty, minorities and the equal rights of immigrants), while Imran Khan, in the name of change, denounced the Eastern traditions of Pakistani politics and society, Severe damage to values.
  • Trump polarized American politics and Imran Khan politicized Pakistani politics. Donald Trump was ruled not by the American media but by his wealth and cunning while the Pakistani media played a pivotal role in proving Imran Khan to be the Messiah and the leader but after coming to power both became enemies of the media.
  • In the United States, because the institutions are strong, Donald Trump was content to abuse the media, but Imran Khan also criticized the Pakistani media in economic terms, restricted its freedom and imprisoned media leaders like Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. Also put
  • Due to his egoism and narcissism, it was difficult for his team to work with Trump as well. While Imran Khan also calls for change to change his ministers, advisers and bureaucrats every day.
  • Only his Jewish son-in-law has been consistent with Trump, while his principal secretary Azam Khan has the same status with Imran Khan.
  • Trump also goes to great lengths to make accusations and slander his political opponents and Imran Khan is a role model in this regard.
  • Trump undermined trust in the US political system and institutions, while Imran Khan did the same in Pakistan.
  • Contrary to analysts and polls, Trump did not raise any questions about the electoral system if he won, but now he is raising questions about the electoral system.
  • If Imran Khan loses in 2013, he will rise to the skies, but if he wins the most controversial election this time, he will ban the questioners. Here, the judiciary, NAB and Parliament (Senate elections) to bring him before Imran Khan Etc.) was tarnished.
  • Similarly, Donald Trump's foreign policy has been in turmoil and so has Imran Khan's. Trump threatens North Korea today and is scheduled to meet with his president the next day.
  • One day he ends the talks with the Taliban by threatening them and the next day he puts everything in their hands. This is the case with Imran Khan. One day he throws everything at Saudi Arabia and the next day he angers them.
  • In the same way, America is ridiculed on the world stage because of its inverted straightforward statements, while because of Imran Khan's statements, Pakistanis have to bear the same humiliation every day. By this analogy.
  • Another issue, however, was the reverse. Donald Trump did all that, but he improved the state of the American economy, while Imran Khan drowned the economy more than he destroyed institutions and values.
  • In any case, after four years, the American people repented of the new America and started the journey back to the old America by defeating Joe Biden while the Pakistanis are still suffering from the new Pakistan.
  • On the domestic front, Joe Biden's presidency will bring about changes or reversals, let the Americans know, but we should be more interested in foreign policy because it will have an impact on Pakistan as well. The fundamental change will be that the United States will try to increase its global role once again. Will try to reach a nuclear deal with Iran again.
  • In the context of China, India's position as a beloved and strategic partner will remain, but from time to time there will be questions about human rights violations there and in Occupied Kashmir. Will go but the terms of dealing with the Taliban will be stricter.
  • Unlike Trump, Afghanistan will not be left to its own devices, but Biden has said he will seek a limited military presence. Trump was looking at Pakistan in the mirror of Afghanistan and Biden will look in the same mirror but Joe Biden may raise his voice.
  • As in the past, the United States will see China as a major threat to itself, and as China's darling, Pakistan will continue to be in the eyes of the United States, but Biden will not show the madness that Trump was showing about China. Instead of competing in a tribal way, they will increase pressure on China economically and diplomatically.
  • Trump had no interest in democracy, human rights and freedom of the press in Pakistan or any other country, but Biden's priorities would include raising his voice in countries like Pakistan. Whether it is the United States or any other country, it is primarily about its national interests and it is in the same context with every country, including Pakistan. Terms of the game will be known.
  • Biden is well acquainted with Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, and no one will be able to entertain him.
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