Are men with heavy voices deceivers?

Monday, November 2, 2020

 Are men with heavy voices deceivers?

  • Girls generally like boys with loud voices, but a recent study has sounded the alarm for girls with loud voices.
  • A recent study by the University of Southwest in China found that men who do not smoke were given some phrases to speak.
  • The university reviewed the frequency (vibration) and (pitch) fluctuations of these sentences.
  • After this stage, the men were also psychologically examined for their relationship with their spouse.
  • The study found that people with heavier masculine voices were less likely to be loyal to their spouses, and that such individuals could cheat on their spouses.
  • The study participants' voices were checked for their sexual satisfaction levels.
  • Research has also shown that men with heavier voices have higher levels of sexual satisfaction than men with lower voices.
  • Researchers say that a person's hormones can be used to determine their habits and characteristics.
  • The study also found that women prefer men with heavier masculine voices, and found that men who have higher levels of sex hormones also have healthier children.


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