Another piece of good news about the coronavirus vaccine

Friday, November 20, 2020

 Another piece of good news about the coronavirus vaccine

  • The Corona vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, has begun to show good results in the elderly, after which it is hoped that the lives of older people at risk from the virus will be saved.
  • The third phase of testing for the corona vaccine, a joint venture between Oxford University and a British pharmaceutical company, is underway.
  • According to the report, the preliminary results of the third phase of the vaccine trial are encouraging and this vaccine is developing a strong immune system in the elderly, including healthy young men free from corona.
  • According to the Oxford Vaccine Group, the use of the vaccine in people over the age of 70 can cause immunosuppression very quickly. The main advantage is that it does not need to be kept at extremely low temperatures, which makes it very likely that it will soon be widely used.
  • According to Oxford University experts, the final results of the final phase of the vaccine are expected by Christmas.
  • Earlier, US pharmaceutical company Faiz and German pharmaceutical company Bioen Tech jointly announced the launch of a third phase of their vaccine, Moderna, another US company, including the Russian government's Sputnik vaccine. The results are very encouraging and their vaccines are 90 to 95% effective.


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