American biotech company Corona vaccine claims to be 94% effective

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 American biotech company Corona vaccine claims to be 94% effective

  • The American biotech company Moderna claims that their vaccine can provide up to 94.5% protection against corona virus.
  • According to a foreign news agency, the American company Moderna says that the code-19 vaccine developed by them has proved to be 94.5% effective in the trial phase.
  • Before Modern, another company, Pfizer, claimed that the corona virus vaccine they developed was just as effective.
  • Stephen Bensell, CEO of the American biotech company Moderna, says that this is a significant milestone.
  • The results after the third phase show that our vaccine can protect against the epidemic, he added.
  • During the trial of the vaccine, 30,000 people in the United States were given 2 doses at 4-week intervals, while the rest were given dummy injections.
  • Moderna hopes to have one billion doses of the vaccine worldwide next year.


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