A woman living with hundreds of cats

Saturday, November 28, 2020

 A woman living with hundreds of cats

  • Most people love animals and keep animals at home but today we will tell you about a woman who lives in her house with hundreds of cats.
  • Maryam al-Balushi, a resident of Muscat, the capital of Oman, lives in her home with 480 cats and 12 dogs and spends 8 8,000 a month (Pakistani  1,275,000) on them.
  • Looking at the 51-year-old retired civil servant, it seems that she loves animals to the point of madness, but the reality is completely different.
  • In 2008, her son brought home a Persian cat and he did not like the cat to be in the house. Maryam's son did not take care of the cat, so Maryam took the responsibility of taking care of the cat.
  • Maryam became severely depressed in 2011 and she credits the cat with rescuing herself from the depression and says that the cat has helped her a lot to get rid of the depression.
  • Mary then decided that she would dedicate her life to caring for and caring for the animals.
  • Mary now lives in her home with hundreds of cats and devotes all her time to caring for them.


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