A Muslim woman was taken off the plane when a passenger did not feel well

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 A Muslim woman was taken off the plane when a passenger did not feel well

  • In the United States, a Muslim woman was forcibly taken off a plane just because another passenger complained that he was not feeling well in her presence.
  • The incident happened to a woman named Amini Al-Khatitaba, a Jordanian-American blogger and political activist.
  • Amini said in a Twitter post that while she was queuing for security clearance at the airport for a domestic flight in New Jersey, a man ignored the queue and placed his luggage in front of me.
  • According to the woman, when I told her that she could wait like everyone else, she started saying angrily that he had checked twice and was traveling in first class.
  • According to Amini, everyone knows that if a veiled Muslim woman shouted and protested, not only would I have been arrested but I would have missed my flight.
  • According to the woman, at that time the security personnel told me to end the matter and when I boarded the plane I was told to leave.
  • The video of the incident is also going viral on social media in which the crew is telling the woman to get off the plane because the other passenger is not feeling well because of it.
  • However, when the woman refused, the police boarded the plane and forcibly took her off, where she was released after being detained for some time.
  • The American Islamic Relations Council has expressed concern over the incident and asked the airline to clarify the matter and conduct a full investigation.


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