A man battling cobra venom after corona, dengue and malaria

Sunday, November 22, 2020

 A man battling cobra venom after corona, dengue and malaria

  • As the saying goes, 'Whoever tastes what God has given him', this is true of E. N. Jones, a British philanthropist working in India who, after suffering from corona, dengue and malaria, is now safe despite being bitten by a cobra. Are and are recovering fast.
  • EN Jones, a British welfare worker, was bitten by a highly venomous cobra in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, India, after which he was admitted to a local hospital in Jodhpur.
  • After a week of treatment at the hospital, doctors discharged Jones from the hospital after seeing his rapidly recovering health.
  • The doctor who treated Jones said that Jones was fully conscious during the treatment at the hospital and that he suffered from blurred vision and difficulty walking due to snake venom. However, these are all temporary symptoms and Jones recovered. We discharged them within a week because we thought there would be no side effects.
  • EN Jones' son Sebastian has paid tribute to his father on social media, saying he is a fighter and has suffered from dengue and malaria, including corona, during his stay in India.
  • According to Sebastian, his father was discharged from the hospital due to the growing number of Corona patients in the hospital.
  • Jones sells items made by local artisans from Rajasthan to the UK through his charity to help local artisans get out of poverty.
  • Jones's family and friends are also running a fundraising campaign to pay for his return to the UK, and his son says we want him to return to the UK, but E.N. Jones wants families who Helping them continue, that's why they want to stay there.
  • The Corona virus has killed millions of people worldwide in almost a year, while dengue, malaria and snake bites claim millions of lives each year, but E.N. Jones is fortunate that Survived all these difficulties.


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