Pop star singer Riana has apologized to Muslim fans

Thursday, October 22, 2020

 Pop star singer Riana has apologized to Muslim fans

  • Grammy Award-winning pop star singer Rihanna has apologized for adding hadith words to the song.

  • Barbados-based pop star Rihanna has come under fire in recent days for using hadith words in a song on her fashion show, after which the singer apologized to the Muslim community via an Instagram story.

  • In an Instagram story, Rihanna said, "I am grateful to all the Muslims who pointed out the mistake that was inadvertently included in the fashion show. We can understand that we hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters through this mistake." I am ashamed of myself.

  • I never target the sanctity of any religion or belief so the content of the fashion show was completely irresponsible' he added.

  • Rihanna in her post also assured that this process will not happen again in future.

  • It should be noted that in the first week of this month, the song of producer Chloe Chloe was included in Rihanna's fashion show presented on Amazon Prime. His team came under fire.

  • After which the producer of the song Kokoklui apologized to the Muslims through a tweet.


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