WHO advises world to learn from Pakistan against Corona

Friday, September 11, 2020

WHO advises world to learn from Pakistan against Corona

WHO advises world to learn from Pakistan against Corona
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomed Pakistan's successful strategy against the corona epidemic and advised the world to learn from seven countries, including Pakistan.

  • Welcoming Pakistan's successful strategy against Corona, the WHO said in a statement that the world should learn from Pakistan on how to deal with the global epidemic.

  • According to the World Health Organization, seven countries, including Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, Mongolia, Mauritius and Uruguay, have lessons for the world in preparing for and responding to this deadly epidemic, and the rest of the world can follow suit.

  • The head of the WHO, Dr. Tedros, says the corona virus reminds us that a multidimensional health system is essential, we need to be prepared for the next global epidemic and learn from the corona epidemic.

  • Dr. Tedros said that 7 countries including Pakistan can teach this lesson to the world better. He also warned the world to be ready for future epidemic.

  • The head of the WHO said that this is not the last epidemic, history shows that epidemics, diseases are a fact of life, the next time there is an epidemic, the world must be more prepared than today.

  • He said that today investment in health sector is essential, today it is essential to make health sector the basis of social, economic and political stability, medicine has improved a lot but most countries have neglected health sector.

  • Dr. Tedros added that for a safe and healthy future, every country has to invest in the health sector.


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