Successful test flight of Chinese spacecraft

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
 Successful test flight of Chinese spacecraft
Successful test flight of Chinese spacecraft

  • BEIJING: After the us and Russia, China has also built its own spacecraft, which successfully landed after spending two days in space last week.
  • It was loaded onto the Chinese SLV "Long March 2F" on September 4, and was sent into space from the Joaquin Satellite Launch Center, where it remained for 2 days, before landing successfully on September 6.
  • How big and heavy is that this spacecraft, what does it appear as if, did it have astronauts aboard or did it fly automatically, what orbit it had been orbiting the world and the way much did it cost to fly, In response to all or any these questions, the Chinese media is totally silent, while thus far no photo or video footage of this spacecraft has been released.
  • At the instant, there's just one imaginary image of it, which is equally likely to be true or false, because it's an unusual resemblance to the proposed new US spacecraft.
  • However, it's documented that the Chinese spacecraft has been named "Chongfu Sheung Xian Hang Tian Chi" (CSSHQ), meaning "reusable experimental spacecraft". The work has been happening for quite ten years.
  • According to Chinese media, the CSSHQ tested "reusable technologies" developed in China during its test flight.
  • Estimates supported the Chinese-made space launch vehicle "Long March 2F" suggest that the CSSHQ may have weighed around 2,000 kilograms (2 tons) while it had been called "lower ground orbit". (Low Earth Orbit) ie "Leo" are going to be delivered.
  • It should be noted that after the top of the conflict within the twentieth century, the space race between Russia and therefore the us had also ended. After an extended period of silence, the space race has resumed over the past few years, but this point the US rival is China, which is rapidly advancing during this field.


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