Second wave of corona in UAE, record cases report

Thursday, September 10, 2020
Second wave of corona in UAE, record cases report
Record cases of Corona came to light in a single day in the UAE.

  • UAE: According to the Arab News Agency, Ministry of Health officials confirmed that the UAE has so far reported the highest number of 883 new cases reported in a single day.

  • Health ministry officials fear that a large number of new cases could be reported as a second wave of corona.

  • Earlier, the highest number of cases of Corona was reported in Dubai on May 19, 20 and 21 in a single day, followed by the fourth highest number of cases reported in a single day.

  • The UAE Ministry of Health also confirmed two deaths from Corona, bringing the total to 393.

  • According to Arab media, there has been a gradual increase in corona cases in the UAE since the end of August, with more than 500 cases of corona reported in a single day on August 31, compared to 470 on September 7 and 644 on September 8. Cases were reported.

  • Health ministry officials have warned that irresponsible attitudes to control corona and social interactions have led to an increase in the rate of the virus.

  • According to the officials of the Ministry of Health, a total of 85,917 tests were conducted in one day in which 883 cases came to light.

  • The total number of cases of corona in the UAE is more than 75,000 and so far about 400 deaths have occurred while 72,000 patients have recovered from corona, bringing the number of patients undergoing treatment to 8,229.


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