Israeli planes were allowed to use Saudi airspace

Thursday, September 3, 2020
Israeli planes were allowed to use Saudi airspace
Israeli planes were allowed to use Saudi airspace

  • Saudi Arabia has allowed all flights to and from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to undergo its airspace, after which Israeli flights also will be ready to fly on to the UAE using Saudi airspace.
  • According to British press agency, the permission was given at a time when the flight schedule between Israel and therefore the United Arab Emirates is close to be announced.
  • In this regard, the Saudi Aviation Authority says that the permission of the planes to use the airspace has been granted at the request of the United Arab Emirates.
  • On the opposite hand, shortly after the Saudi announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, without mentioning Saudi Arabia, said that now Israeli flights will go on to the United Arab Emirates.
  • It should be noted that last month a peace agreement was reached between the UAE and Israel to determine bilateral relations, under which Israel will not integrate the Palestinian territories and the two countries will account for a roadmap for bilateral relations
  • Two days ago, the primary commercial flight from Israel arrived in Abu Dhabi with US and Israeli delegations via Saudi territory after Saudi Arabia's special permission, and it had been the primary time in history that an Israeli aircraft had used Saudi airspace regularly.


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