A kid climbing a wall like Spider-Man

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
A kid climbing a wall like Spider-Man
  • You may have heard of the famous character Spider-Man, but we are going to introduce you to a child who can climb the wall like Spider-Man.

  • The 7-year-old hails from the Indian city of Kanpur and has an extraordinary ability to climb a wall.

  • According to Indian media, 7-year-old Yashrat Singh is a third grade student and says that he was so impressed with his role after watching the movie Spider-Man that he started the practice of climbing the wall like Spider-Man himself.

  • The boy said that when he saw the movie Spider-Man, he wanted to climb the wall in the same way for which he tried to do it at home but he often roared but only a few days later he got the technique.

  • The boy said that initially his family forbade him to do so because they feared he might fall and get injured, but when they saw the boy skillfully climbing the wall, everyone was shocked.

  • The boy said he was not afraid to climb the wall and jumped when he slipped.


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