White, rare and tent-like bats like cotton cheeks

Friday, August 14, 2020
 White, rare and tent-like bats like cotton cheeks
White, rare and tent-like bats like cotton cheeks

  • Honduras: Bats are considered to be somewhat mysterious, terrifying, and vampiric, but in some Latin American countries, soft and white bats are affectionately known as white tent-making bats.
  • These bats live on trees instead of in caves, and the Honduran bats are the smallest in size. There are currently more than 1,300 species of bats on the planet, but only five species of white have been observed.
  • All of these bats are among the smallest species in the world and the largest of them is only 5 cm in size.

  • Tent bats

  • These beautiful Latin and North American bats are also called 'tent-making' creatures because they twist the leaves of trees to form tents. Bats cut through the thin veins of the leaf, from which the leaf bends and forms a tent.
  • Experts say that because they are white, they are invisible to hunters because in the forests where they make their home, when sunlight passes through the leaves and falls on the creature, it also looks green, and thus the predators recognize it. Can't
  • These bats sit very quietly in their tent-like nests. But as soon as there is a rustle on the leaves, the bat immediately flies away to another safe nest. That is why they build more than one house and remember the empty tent.

  • Another characteristic of these bats is that their noses, noses and lips are yellowish-orange, and this is because the bats extract special carotenoid lutein from fruits and vegetables and convert it into plain lutein, and so does our body. Unable to do this.
  • In white bats, one male has several females at a time and each female gives birth to a baby twice a year.


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