Violent protests in Lebanon, Prime Minister announces early elections

Sunday, August 9, 2020
Violent protests in Lebanon, Prime Minister announces early elections

Violent protests in Lebanon, Prime Minister announces early elections

  • BEIRUT (Reuters) - Protests erupted in Lebanon following a blast in Beirut that left 238 protesters injured in clashes with enforcement officials, while a peace officer was confirmed dead and a Lebanese minister. Azam has announced early elections.
  • According to the International news organisation, demonstrations have broken call at various parts of the country demanding government accountability and justice for the devastation caused by the horrific bombing in Beirut. The demonstrators gathered at Lebanon's financial institution and tried to move parliament.
  • Police in riot gear stormed a rally, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday' removing many protesters by truck. Lebanese police have also confirmed the death of a politician during clashes with protesters.

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  • Earlier, angry protesters stormed various government properties, including the ruling party's offices. The demonstrators surrounded the buildings of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy, Foreign Affairs and therefore the Ministry of Finance, and held government employees hostage in several places.

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  • On the opposite hand, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced early parliamentary elections within the country. Addressing the state, he said that thousands of individuals were protesting within the country and there was no other thanks to get the country out of the crisis after the Beirut tragedy.

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  • He said that the sole reply of the crisis facing the country was to carry early elections and elect a replacement political representation and a replacement parliament.
  • US support for protests
  • The US embassy in Beirut has endorsed the peace deal on its Twitter account. The tweet said that leaders with real leadership privileges recognize the general public demands for transparency and accountability.


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