Try natural remedies for diabetes yourself.

Friday, August 21, 2020
Try natural remedies for diabetes yourself.
Try natural remedies for diabetes yourself.

  • Bitter gourd:

  • It is a well-known vegetable whose bitterness can be removed and cooked, so that both children and adults like it. Extremely useful.
  • The liver is an organ in the human body that needs steel, and bitter gourd is an excellent vegetable to meet the needs of the brain for calcium and phosphorus.
  • Bitter gourd is rich in dietary fiber (carbohydrates), vitamin B, beta carotene, vitamin C, iron, potassium. Its green color is due to the chlorophyll in it. It is better to take medicine.
  • It is a naturally occurring prescription for the treatment of diabetes and experiments have shown that bitter gourd is the best and healing treatment for diabetics.
  • Cranberry juice is drunk to balance sugar and prevent it from entering the blood.
  • How to extract bitter gourd juice?
  • To extract the juice, the green and uneven skin on the top of the bitter gourd can be peeled with a knife and grinded. The wise say that regular use of this juice does not require insulin.

  • For blood diseases
  • Cut the bitter gourd into pieces and dry it in the air and grind it finely. Taking 3 to 6 grams of this powder with plain water is considered as a dietary treatment for diabetes or blood diseases.
  • Diabetics usually find it useful to use it. For bloody hemorrhoids, make a bitter gourd syrup and drink it daily to get relief.
  • How to remove the bitterness of bitter gourd?
  • This is a question that novice cooks and girls do and most of the time they do not cook this vegetable just because of its taste. Put a pinch of salt on a slab in an open yard or kitchen with a little water and then waste this water and wash and cook so that the bitterness does not remain.
  • There is healing in the astringent taste of this vegetable. If cooked with lagan, this vegetable becomes very tasty. It is also correct to cook its seeds to get vitamins and minerals.


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