The Beirut blast also damaged the Pakistani embassy, ​​injuring one civilian

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
The Beirut blast also damaged the Pakistani embassy, ​​injuring one civilian
The Beirut blast also damaged the Pakistani embassy, 
​​injuring one civilian

  • The blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, also caused minor damage to the Pakistani embassy.
  • A bomb blast near the northern city of Beirut has killed at least 78 people and injured 3,000 others.
  • Among those killed was Nazar Najarain, secretary general of Lebanon's Khatib party, while the condition of dozens of injured is critical, leading to fears of an increase in the death toll.
  • According to foreign media, the blasts were so severe that the windows of buildings were shattered 24 km away.
  • According to Geo News, Pakistani diplomats based in Beirut were contacted and told that the Pakistani embassy was 8 km away from the site of the blast. The blast also caused minor damage to a part of the embassy.
  • According to diplomatic officials, a Pakistani national was reportedly slightly injured in the blast, which broke the glass of the building.
  • Diplomatic officials said there are about 600 Pakistanis living in Beirut, most of them living in the mountainous areas of Beirut, and that the area they live in is 35km from the port.
  • Diplomatic officials said they were in touch with Pakistanis based in Beirut and that the Pakistani embassy had also issued a hotline number 0096176866609 for information.
  • According to diplomatic officials, Red Cross country head Ata Durrani was slightly injured in the Beirut blast.


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