People in Russia are scared by the strange storm of mosquitoes

Thursday, August 6, 2020
People in Russia are scared by the strange storm of mosquitoes

People in Russia are scared by the strange storm of mosquitoes

  • MOSCOW: Swarms of mosquitoes have been spotted in remote parts of Russia, traveling like a tornado with millions of mosquitoes hovering over them.

  • Villagers on the outskirts of Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula are watching a scary movie this summer. According to him, millions of mosquitoes are born every summer, but this time there are unusually large mosquitoes that have gathered in millions and are traveling in the form of a tornado. That is why it is being called a 'mosquito storm' all over the world.

  • Residents of the village of Oost Kamchatsky say that there is a normal influx of mosquitoes every summer. This year the heat has increased and the number of mosquitoes has increased so much that the window nets and mosquito nets have become useless. This time, the size and number of mosquitoes have also increased dramatically.

  • People said they had seen dozens of swarms of mosquitoes near the village, which could be seen as high as a tornado. However, some have said that in addition to mosquitoes, small flying insects have also been included.

  • People have bravely passed through the mosquito net. But experts say there is no need to be afraid of this because at the moment these male and female mosquitoes are mating and due to breeding, mosquitoes are appearing in this number. According to experts, many male mosquitoes hover around a female in order to mate with them. Mosquitoes do not bite during this time, but they are engaged in breeding.

  • According to mosquito experts, there are more than 100 species of mosquitoes and flying fleas in the area alone. But some mosquitoes are so dangerous that they can bite despite wearing jeans and leather clothing.


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