Pakistan has the world's second oldest 'banyan' tree thousands of years old

Monday, August 24, 2020
Pakistan has the world's second oldest 'banyan' tree thousands of years old

  • The historic banyan near Madh Ranjha in Sargodha is that the largest tree in Pakistan and therefore the second oldest within the world and features a history spanning thousands of years.
  • On this charismatic tree on the banks of the river Chenab, where all types of birds have built their nests, the superstitious people also write various phrases on this tree to satisfy their wishes.
  • The tremors of this banyan aren't limited to Pakistan but people from many Asian and Western countries are drawn to ascertain its fame.
  • Residents of the world say that this banyan may be a precious heritage of Pakistan, people of other countries value it, we should always also ensure its protection.
  • It is said that the world's largest banyan is in Sri Lanka, followed by Madh Ranjha's banyan, followed by India's third.
  • Residents of the world also say that if we don't concentrate to our banyan, India's tree could come second rather than third.
  • Not only is there a requirement to preserve this centuries-old historical tree but also to plant more trees love it, the plants of this tree also are commonly available in nurseries.


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