Occupied Kashmir was made a part of the map of Pakistan

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Occupied Kashmir was made a part of the map of Pakistan
Occupied Kashmir was made a part of the map of Pakistan

  • Occupied Kashmir has been made a part of the map of Pakistan, the federal cabinet has approved a new map of Pakistan, the new map will be presented at the United Nations.

  • Addressing the disclosing ceremony of the new political map of Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Kashmir are part of Pakistan, this map is that the initiative, all Kashmiris and national leadership have endorsed this map, now the official map of Pakistan is that the same Will be what the cabinet has approved.

  • The Prime Minister said that the only solution to the Kashmir issue is the resolutions of the UN Security Council. Will

  • He said that the solution of Kashmir exists only within the UN resolutions India oppressed.on 5 August  2019  abolished the legal rights of Kashmiris.According to India's wishes, Kashmiris remain a minority in their areas.

  • PM Imran Khan said that he is very happy because he has been hearing about the independence of Kashmiris since childhood. My life experience is that one should dream before reaching one's destination. Shaukat Khanum also dreamed.

  • We will continue to remind the United Nations to fulfill what you have promised. Inshallah. I am confident that we will reach our destination one day. he said.

  • On the occasion, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that congratulations to the entire nation on the new map of Pakistan, for the first time the map that represents the entire nation has been approved.

  • He said that the Kashmir issue would be resolved in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council. This map reflects this solution. It was made clear in this map that Siachen was ours yesterday and is still ours today.

  • The Foreign Minister said that Sir Creek's claim made by India has been refuted in the new map, India was cleverly trying to usurp Pakistan's economic zone, now FATA has become Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghan border. Has also been clarified.

  • Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the decision of Kashmir will be in accordance with the UN resolutions, today the whole nation is in support of this political map of Pakistan, the political and Kashmiri leadership was also taken into confidence regarding this map, Pakistani nation yesterday She was with Kashmir and is still with Kashmir today.

  • The Foreign Minister said that our destination is the dream that our elders saw, the Prime Minister has put the dream of our elders in this map.

  • It may be recalled that on August 5 last year, India had illegally annexed Kashmir by abolishing its special status, which has led to strict curfew and lockdown across the valley.

  • August 5 will mark the one year anniversary of this illegal move by India and on this day Pakistan will celebrate 'Exploitation Day' to show solidarity with Kashmiris.


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