Iran seizes UAE ship, detains crew

Friday, August 21, 2020
Iran seizes UAE ship, detains crew
Iran seizes UAE ship, detains crew

  • Iran also seized a UAE ship and detained its crew.

  • According to the Arab News Agency, the UAE Coast Guard shot dead two Iranian fishermen and on the same day Iran also seized the ship of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Iranian officials accuse UAE registration of violating Iran's maritime borders.
  • The Iranian Foreign Ministry says several Iranian boats were fired upon by a UAE Coast Card boat on Monday, killing two Iranian fishermen, and the UAE ship was seized after the incident.
  • Iranian state TV says the Border Guard has seized a UAE ship and its crew for illegal movement in Iranian waters.
  • According to Arab media, the UAE has expressed its sorrow over the death of two Iranian fishermen by the Coast Guard firing and has also announced aid in a letter.
  •  Iran has  summoned UAE diplomatic officials in Tehran over the incident.


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