Indian government fears curfew in Srinagar

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Indian government fears curfew in Srinagar
Indian government fears curfew in Srinagar

  • Kashmir: The bewildered Indian government imposed a curfew in Srinagar for fear of protests and increased security in the valley.

  • On August 5, 2019, following the ideology of Hindu supremacy, the Modi government unilaterally changed the special status of Kashmir and made the Valley the largest prison in the world to fulfill its ambitions to turn Kashmiri Muslims into a minority.

  •  Lockdown, mass arrests, detention of political leaders and other repressive measures did not discourage Kashmiris.

  • Occupying Indian Army's vicious attempts to stop Kashmiris from protesting in Occupied Kashmir and curfew has been imposed in Srinagar for 2 days from today, roads have been closed with barricades and barbed wire fences, additional Indian Army personnel in the valley Kashmiris are being instructed to stay at home through loudspeakers.

  • In support of Kashmiris, Kashmiri lives matter and Kashmir seige day messages were highlighted in New York's Times Square.

  • According to the Kashmir Media Service, Indian forces martyred 214 Kashmiris, injured 1,390 and arrested 13,680 Kashmiris, including Hurriyat and political leaders, during a year-long illegal siege.

  • Occupying troops targeted 10,240 Kashmiris with pellet guns, making history.


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