Gunmen attack Afghan jail, killing 21 and injuring 42

Monday, August 3, 2020
Gunmen attack Afghan jail, killing 21 and injuring 42

Gunmen attack Afghan jail, killing 21 and injuring 42

  • KABUL: More than a dozen armed assailants stormed a jail in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, killing 21 people and wounding 42 others.

  • According to Afghan media, the first attackers rammed a car loaded with explosives at the main entrance of PD-4 Jail in Jalalabad, after which armed men stormed the police station. Clashes between security forces and the attackers have been going on for 13 hours, during which the attackers marched on the shopping mall in front of the jail and some managed to enter the jail.

  • According to an Afghan commando, the number of attackers could be more than 20, and the prison that was attacked has more than 1,500 prisoners, most of them from ISIS. At least 19 civilians and three assailants were killed and 42 others were injured in the clashes. During the clash, 700 prisoners escaped but were recaptured. The dead and injured are shifted to a close-by hospital. ISIS has claim responsibility this attack.

  • It should be noted that the Afghan army had claimed to have killed Asadullah Orakzai, an important commander of ISIS, in an operation in an area of ​​Jalalabad on Saturday and today's attack on Jalalabad police station may be a reaction to the death of the commander.


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