Get me pregnant I'll offer you 20 million dollars

Monday, August 3, 2020
Get me pregnant I'll offer you 20 million dollars
Get me pregnant I'll offer you 20 million dollars Famous singer Madonna's offer to a basketball player

  • There are as many rumors as there are affairs in world entertainment industry but the smoke rises where there is fire or spark. Therefore, all the news coming from entertainment industry is not rumor but sometimes it is revealed. Former basketball player Dennis Rodman has linked the singer to Madonna.

  • Dennis Rodman has made some startling revelations in an interview with American FM radio and made serious allegations against Madonna. who was once the world most famous singer. Dennis Rodman recalls the past.

  • One day in 1990, while he was gambling in Los Angeles, he received a phone call from Madonna asking him to help her have a baby. In a radio interview, the previous athlete said that Madonna had made it clear to him that she had complications, which prevented her from becoming pregnant, however, if the connection between the 2 made her pregnant and gave birth to a baby.

  • Dennis Rodman claims that Madonna sent a special plane to choose him up and he returned to the casino in 5 hours after completing the work assigned to him by the singer.

  • They gambled.The former basketball player said he believed Madonna's eldest daughter, 22-year-old Leward Sullivan, was also born to the singer because of her sex with Cuban actor Carlos Levin. That's why Madonna became famous. According to her, she was very infamous in 1990 and the actress wanted her to become famous by having an affair with a notorious person like her.

  • The former athlete failed to say whether his relationship with Madonna led to Madonna's "hope" or not. . However, he claimed that Madonna was willing to pay him up to 20 million. Madonna's first marriage was to actress Sean Justin Penn at the beginning of her career in 1985 and at the time of her entry into Hollywood, but 4 years later in 1989 both. 

  • Divorced between Madonna's second marriage was to film producer and director Start Richie in 2000 and their marriage ended in divorce in 2008 after eight years. Singer Madonna has adopted three children and has a total of six children.


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