Discover an efficient treatment for highly venomous snake bites

Saturday, August 8, 2020
Discover an efficient treatment for highly venomous snake bites
Discover an efficient treatment for highly venomous snake bites

  • London: a drugs already in our hospitals can cure certain styles of snake bites.
  • A report published in Science Translational Medicine states that a drug that treats poisoning with heavy metals could also be helpful in treating highly venomous snake bites.
  • The drug can help treat scallop and carpet viper venom, which are common in Asia and Africa. Both sorts of snakes are found in areas where people don't have access to good hospitals. during this regard, Abdul Razzaq Habib, an expert on infection and tropical diseases at the University of Bairro in Nigeria, says that there are many cases of snake bites round the world. in keeping with him, when scalpel and carpet wipers are cut, it affects the encircling tissues and sometimes the hands or feet should be cut

  • The study was conducted by Lara Albesco, a professor at the Liverpool School of medicine (LSTM). Our research shows that venom will be treated with oral medication and a drug which will prevent heavy metal poisoning may be helpful during this situation ,,she said.
  • In laboratories, scientists carefully examined three drugs accustomed treat heavy metals and tested them on a range of poisons. The rats were then vaccinated against the deadly range of assorted snake venoms. One drug kept the rat alive for quarter-hour and a few rats for an hour. Otherwise, his death was certain and it absolutely was learned that just in case of emergency, these medicines can give time to the patient and provides him time to require him to the hospital.
  • It should be noted that the rats got highly poisonous venom but the drugs delayed the method of immediate death for an hour. This study found that taking certain of the drugs we've can delay the results of venom and death for a few time.


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