Dinosaurs also got cancer.

Saturday, August 8, 2020
Dinosaurs also got cancer.
Dinosaurs also got cancer.

  • Ontario: Cancer is generally considered to be a human disease that has developed over the last few thousand years due to the way humans live their own lives. But a recent study in Canada found that dinosaurs also suffered from cancer millions of years ago.
  • A team of paleontologists and medical experts in Ontario, Canada, have found very clear signs of bone cancer in the fossils of a dinosaur called Centrosaurus. This dinosaur was found about 76 million years ago today, when it ate plants to fill its stomach.
  • The effect of cancer on the bone in the middle of one of his legs was so severe that its significant and undeniable effects are still present in his fossils. In this sense, it is the first time that such clear evidence of cancer has been found in an animal millions of years ago.

  • What caused this dinosaur to get cancer? At least for the current technology, it is impossible to say.
  • It should be noted that dinosaurs suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth about 65 million years ago, while the history of human existence on Earth is barely a million years old.
  • While this discovery will help us understand the evolution of cancer and other diseases, it will also provide an opportunity to learn about various diseases in extinct animals.
  • This interesting research is published online in the latest issue of The Lancet Oncology.


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