Beirut bombing, Israeli PM withdraws from threatening statement

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Beirut bombing, Israeli PM withdraws from threatening statement
Beirut bombing, Israeli PM withdraws from threatening statement

  • Tel Aviv: The Israeli government has denied involvement within the horrific bombings within the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

  • According to the International wire service, the Israeli government has strongly denied reports that Israel is being blamed for the bombings in Beirut. Israel has no involvement within the Beirut bombings.

  • The bomber struck shortly after noon within the port city of Beirut, the capital of neighboring Lebanon, killing a minimum of 100 people and wounding 4,500. The blast was so loud that it can be heard in Israeli cities. And many houses were completely destroyed.

  • A few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told reporters that the Lebanese government had threatened serious consequences for supporting the extremist organization Hezbollah. The day before, he had vaguely said that we had targeted a cell. And now they'll target suppliers of kit.

  • The Israeli prime minister warned Hezbollah and its supportive government that it'd take all necessary steps to defend its country and its citizens, which the recent action was a reminder to any or all groups, including Hezbollah, and their supporters. However  he didn't say anything about the operation..

  • The Lebanese government has blamed nitrate for the blast, but Israel has been blamed for the blast within the wake of a threatening statement by the Israeli prime minister, which has been denied by the Israeli government. My statement has been distorted.


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