85,000 dollars fine for killing rare stork

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
85,000 dollars fine for killing rare stork
85,000 dollars fine for killing rare stork

  • USYANA: Two rare storks (woping cranes) are fined 85 85,000 and sentenced to public service within the u.  s..

  • In May 2016, Canon Konstantin Par, Louisiana, hunted two storks within the Acadia Parish area of   Louisiana with transmitters on their claws. After killing the birds, Cannon bring to an end the claws of the stork's transmitter and threw them into a close-by pond.

  • The International Crane Foundation said during a statement that the death sentence for the rare stork was the harshest given to a Louisiana man.
  • It should be noted that woping cranes belong to the present species of stork which has become extremely rare everywhere the globe and then far their number has been counted only 850.

  • It should be noted that the accused lied in some ways for 2 years but the police failed to quit and at last he confessed his guilt in April 2018. Canon was immediately fined  10,000 dollar and later fined 75 75,000. He has been ordered to serve the community for 360 hours as an alternative his hunting licence are going to be suspended.

  • It should be noted that the number of the fine are going to be paid to the wildlife department because per the International Crane Foundation, it costs a minimum of 94,000 dollar to avoid wasting, raise and rehabilitate one stork.


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