Why is 11 November 1975 seen as a dramatic chapter in Australian political history?;-otgnewsupdate

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why is 11 November 1975 seen as a dramatic chapter in Australian political history?;-otgnewsupdate

November 11, 1975 is seen as the most dramatic chapter in Australia's political history, when a Governor-General fired an elected Prime Minister and dissolved his government.

Australian Prime Minister Goff Whittham was a charismatic figure and a progressive leader who was re-elected to power by a landslide 18 months ago. ۔

In a speech outside Parliament at this dramatic juncture, Whittham said that God protect the Queen of Great Britain because no one can save the Governor-General now. He has been raising his voice against the conspiracy against him all his life.

Prime Minister Whitlam's removal was viewed with skepticism, with Whittlem's supporters protesting and Governor-General John Kirk facing accusations of distorting historical facts and misleading the public.

The discovery and curiosity of these facts prompted Australian historian Jenny Hawking to investigate. Memoirs filed in the National Guard have uncovered a conspiracy against Governor-General John Kerr and Prime Minister Goff Whittleham.

Professor Hawking, in his book The Dismissal Dossier, published in 2015, revealed the Governor-General's secret meetings with Malcolm Fraser, the Leader of the Opposition, and briefed the High Court judges on the negotiations that led to Whitlam's dismissal. Helped to configure.

Of all these stories, the record of the exchange of letters between the Queen and the Governor-General was missing.

The 211-page, 1,200-page letter was recently published on the National Archives website.

It was revealed that Governor-General John Kerr had not informed the Queen of his decision to remove Prime Minister Whittleman in advance, and that it was revealed that the government had been fired by Queen's Secretary Martin Chatters and Governor-General John Kerr. Consultations were held on exercising the reserved right to do and dissolve parliament.

He kept secrets and facts from Prime Minister Whitlam, while as Governor-General he was obliged to follow his instructions.

Professor Hawking says that all those talks with the royal palace are very inappropriate, the Queen should go beyond politics and be neutral.

In these letters, there is talk with the British Crown about dissolving the parliament where the elected government has a majority and dismissing the government. What could be more political than that?]


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