United Kingdom ; Cats also confirm corona virus;-otgnewsupdate

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

United Kingdom ; Cats also confirm corona virus;-otgnewsupdate

London: A pet cat in the UK has been tested for the corona virus on suspicion of having contracted code 19.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, for the first time in the country, an animal has been diagnosed with COD-19, after which the health department has instructed the citizens to wash their hands after touching or embracing pets.

The British chief veterinarian has confirmed code-19 in a pet cat, saying it was a unique case of an animal infected with the corona virus showing medical symptoms. Infected cats are more likely to recover quickly.

So far there is no evidence of coronavirus transmission from pets to humans, but we are still closely monitoring the situation and will not endanger the lives of the citizens,  he added.
Earlier, the British government advised pet owners to be careful, saying there was no evidence of pets transmitting the corona virus to humans or other animals.


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