Trump moves to eliminate 9,500 troops in Germany: Pentagon-otgnewsupdate

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Trump moves to eliminate 9,500 troops in Germany: Pentagon-otgnewsupdate

WASHINGTON: The Department of Defense said Tuesday that US President Donald Trump has taken steps to reduce the military presence in Germany to 9,500 troops.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the move, which has raised concerns in Berlin and the NATO alliance, was aimed at re-strengthening troops and "promoting Russian instability, strengthening NATO, and It will build trust with allies "and at the same time improve US strategic resilience.

The move would reduce the current level of troops in Germany from about 34,4500 to 25,000, Trump's clear goal.

Hoffman did not say when the reduction would take place or whether troops would be sent to another NATO country.

He said the Pentagon would inform Congress about the plan "in the coming weeks" and then "consult on the way forward" with North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies.

Pentagon officials say that if this reduction occurs, some troops could be sent to the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Concerns about Russian expansionism in NATO countries were heightened in 2014 after Moscow sent troops from Ukraine to occupy Crimea.

While Polish leader Andrzej Doda visited Washington last week, Trump said some US troops could go to Poland.

Some will be coming home and some will go elsewhere. Poland will be one of those places, he said.

Trump said earlier this month that he was cutting troops out of displeasure with Germany.

On June 15, two weeks after Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would not attend the G7 summit on Trump's plans due to a coronavirus epidemic, Trump complained that Berlin was not spending enough on its defense and Treats US trade "badly".
We are discussing this with them, but at the moment I am not satisfied with the agreement they want to make. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on trade with the United States over the years, so we have a problem with trade and we have a problem with NATO.
It's very costly for the United States, he said. So we're going down one number, we're putting that number down to 25,000 troops.


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