The United States welcomes the WHO investigation into COVID-19 in China;-otgnewsupdate

Saturday, July 11, 2020
The United States welcomes the WHO investigation into COVID-19 in China;-otgnewsupdate

The United States welcomes the World Health Organization's investigation into the origin of the novel corona virus in China, its ambassador to the United Nations said Friday.

We welcome the WHO's investigation. We see scientific research as a necessary step towards a complete and transparent understanding of how the virus has spread around the world," Ambassador Andrew Burmberg told reporters. Told

This was an unexpected endorsement, as the WHO has faced strong US criticism for tackling the corona virus crisis.

On Friday, an epidemiologist and a WHO animal health expert visited China to identify the source of the new corona virus epidemic.

The WHO said the advance team would be in Beijing over the weekend as they lay the groundwork for a broader mission aimed at identifying how the virus spread from animals to humans.

The United States expects Chinese authorities to "give the team of scientists full access to data, samples and areas and await a timely report,' Bermberg said.

US President Donald Trump has accused the WHO of tackling the epidemic and being a 'puppet of China'.

On Tuesday, the United States formally began withdrawing from the WHO, taking advantage of Trump's threats to deprive the United Nations of its top donor for epidemic management.

The WHO launched an independent panel on Thursday to review its response to epidemics.

In the novel, the corona virus has killed at least 556,000 people and infected more than 12.4 million since it first appeared in China last December.

Scientists believe the killer virus originated from a market in the city of Wuhan, which sells exotic animals for meat.


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