The newly discovered spider has been dubbed the Batman villain's 'Joker'-otgnewsupdate

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The newly discovered spider has been dubbed the Batman villain's 'Joker'-otgnewsupdate

Helsinki, Finland: A new spider discovered in the nature factory of scientists has been named Joker after the real name of the dangerous main villain of a famous movie series.

This is because red and white are prominent on the spider and the Joker appears in the same two-color make-up throughout the film. The role was played by Walkin Phoenix in 2019, after which Heath Ledger became a clown and became famous for his scary eyes.

It should be noted that this spider belongs to the genus, a type of which was already named rock artist Lao Reid and this artist wore black clothes and sometimes smiled.

This spider has been discovered in Iran and has been given the scientific name of Lorida phoenixi. There are four types of spiders of this genus and the last type is found in Iran. The male spider of El Phoenixi has bright red and white colors and scientists remember seeing him in the movie Joker. Although only 8 millimeters long, both colors can be seen without a tool.

Ali Raza Zamani, a doctoral student at the University of Torquay in Finland, and his colleagues spotted a new spider belonging to the Ersdai family, known as velvet spiders because of their velvety hair. These spiders have some very interesting habits: they help each other build houses and take care of each other's babies.

But remember that it is impossible to see it and this spider comes out for three weeks in a year and spends the rest of the time underground. The moths go out in search of food from October to November. But after this discovery, experts are looking for a female spider that comes out with great difficulty.


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