South Korea's unique 'purple island';-otgnewsupdate

Sunday, July 12, 2020

South Korea's unique 'purple island';-otgnewsupdate

Seoul: A new resort in South Korea called "Purple Island" is becoming very popular on social media these days, where everything is made of purple.

These are actually two nearby islands, Banowell Island and Parkji Island, which are joined together by a wooden bridge and given the common name of Purple Island.

The plan was announced last year by Sinan County in South Korea's South Jeola Province, stating that the two islands would be made purple with unique arrangements for tourists.

In addition to homes, resorts and other structures, more than 40,000 lavender plants with purple flowers have been announced.

Today, although travel is banned all over the world due to the Corona epidemic, but as soon as the ban is lifted, the "purple island" will be ready for tourists from all over the world.


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