Oppo introduces world's fastest charger;-otgnewsupdate

Friday, July 17, 2020

Oppo introduces world's fastest charger;-otgnewsupdate

Oppo, the world's leading mobile and technology company, has introduced the world's fastest 125-watt charger for consumers who are worried about mobile charging.

According to the international press agency , the Chinese company Oppo has solved a serious problem of the consumers by introducing high speed and powerful 125 watt charger for smart mobile phones. In addition, fifty watt mini Super[ VOOC] charger, one hundred and ten watt mini flash charger and sixty five watt Air VOOC wireless charger have also been introduced.
Oppo unveiled its new charger at an occasion where a corporation spokesperson told media that the 4,000 mAh mobile battery are often charged by 125 watt flash charger technology at 41% in only 5 minutes and 100% in 20 minutes. Which will save users time.
A Oppo spokesperson added that the fees also use technology that gives ten additional temperature sensors and three parallel charge pumps to make sure the security of the smartphone and its power cell. Improve distribution. These chargers are going to be available within the market soon but their prices haven't been announced yet.


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