Now peek out of the homes of strangers around the world sitting at home;-otgnewsupdate

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Now peek out of the homes of strangers around the world sitting at home;-otgnewsupdate

SINGAPORE CITY: The Corona epidemic has left people bored at home, but now thanks to a website, people around the world can see the view from their homes and, if they wish, the world from their own window. Can show These details are available on a website called WindowSwap.

In today's world where it is difficult to travel from one city to another, international travel has not yet fully opened up. But with this website you can see different places and cities of the world. When we opened WindowsWap, most of the windows were found in the UK and Germany, while in China, Portugal, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Jakarta, Ukraine, Honolulu, Bangalore, Dubai, Qatar, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Michigan, and other cities. Beautiful views came out of the window of the house and all can be seen from the live camera in which the sound can also be heard. The Germans want people to see the beautiful garden of the house from their window, while the windows of Dubai and Jakarta offer a busy view of the city from a tall building.

This website does not have search facility due to privacy but the website itself shows the best scenes and shows them.

The spouses of this website are Sonali Ranjit and Vishnu Balasbramium who came up with the idea to create this unique website during the Corona Lockdown. That way you can peek out of strangers' homes all over the world.

According to the website, the goal is to alleviate the sadness and emptiness of the heart until the epidemic on the planet improves. That's why you can take a moment to look online from outside the world.

If you also want to see the world from outside your home, you can make a ten minute HD quality video and upload it to www.window-swap.com/.


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