Myanmar: Landslide kills more than 100-otgnewsupdate

Friday, July 3, 2020

Myanmar: Landslide kills more than 100-otgnewsupdate

More than 100 miners have been killed in a landslide in Myanmar.

According to foreign media, the incident took place in northern Myanmar where heavy rains caused landslides, which buried many workers working in search of precious stones.

Officials said that 113 bodies of miners have been recovered so far in the rescue operation while search operation is also underway due to heavy rains.

Rescue officials confirmed the bodies of more than 100 workers had been exhumed, saying more workers were buried under the rubble, raising fears of more casualties.

According to media reports, dangerous landslides have occurred in the mines of Hopkant in northern Myanmar, endangering the lives of workers searching for precious stones.

Eyewitnesses say that as soon as the landslide hit, all the workers tried to flee but they were all buried when they were running for help and no one could help them at that time.


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