China starting his first independent research mission to Mars;-otgnewsupdate

Monday, July 27, 2020

China starting his first independent research mission to Mars;-otgnewsupdate

BEIJING: China has launched its first independent probe into Mars, the Tiananmen-1 space mission.

According to a far off press agency, China has launched its first unmanned aerial mission on the other planet. Departed from Wen Chang Space Launch Center.

The us has sent similar space missions before, and both countries want to require advantage of the short duration of Earth and Mars being near one another and on the identical surface. during this context, the United Arab Emirates has also launched its space mission.

According to reports, China's first research mission is probably going to enter Mars in February next year. Where he will attempt to deploy a rover for 90 days to urge important information from Mars and if Tian Wen Wen succeeds, China will become the primary country to orbit in its initial mission, and also the first country to deploy a rover on Mars.

Spokesman for the mission we are going to face many challenges as we approach the ready Van One Mars and as this mission approaches Mars it's vital to weigh down and if the method of slowing down is successful If it failed to happen or if the flight near the world failed to work properly, it'll not be possible to research Mars.


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