ATM machine for gossip enthusiasts in lockdown-otgnewsupdate

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

ATM machine for gossip enthusiasts in lockdown-otgnewsupdate

Due to the corona virus, lockdowns in many countries around the world have closed almost all entertainment venues, including restaurants and sightseeing, while there are no junk food carts on the streets.

People are reminiscing about the food eaten in restaurants and on the streets during the epidemic, which is still closed in most countries due to safety measures, but many people are adopting unique ideas in this situation.

An ATM machine has recently been installed in India from which people can withdraw gossip and enjoy gossip even during the Corona epidemic.

With this machine, any user can get their favorite gossip by depositing money.

On social media, a user shared a video of a gossip using this ATM machine, which went viral.

The idea of   this ATM machine is being appreciated by the consumers.


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