A bird that flies in the air for 100 miles without moving its arms;-otgnewsupdate

Friday, July 17, 2020

A bird that flies in the air for 100 miles without moving its arms;-otgnewsupdate

London: Did you know that the world's largest flying bird, despite its large size, rarely flutters its wings to fly and even flies in the air for 100 miles (160 km) without moving its wings?

A new study has revealed some very interesting revelations about Andean Konder. Experts say that although the bird can fly long distances despite its large size, it barely shakes its arms for one to one-and-a-half percent of its journey, and the rest of the time it glides with its arms straight.

This gigantic bird weighs 16 kg and has an open wingspan of up to 3.3 meters. For the same reason, it is also the largest flying bird in the world. But it is unbelievable that it can cover a distance of 150 km easily without flapping its arms for five consecutive hours. The study was conducted by experts from the University of Swansea in the United Kingdom, for which they have studied Andean Konder for five consecutive years.

From 2013 to 2018, Emily Shepherd and her team conducted research in Argentina by installing special sensors and recorders on eight birds. Its main purpose was to detect how many times a bird fluttered its wings during a particular flight. But when the results came out, the experts were left speechless.

For example, a recorder found that the bird flew for five hours straight and did not flutter its wings. During this time he traveled 172 km. Even in mountainous areas, the wind waves move in a complex manner, but even during this time, Konder glides like a static-winged aircraft for a long time without giving slight movement to his arms.

Although many birds save their energy and move their arms less and less, even inexperienced and young birds fly for hours without moving their arms. But when scientists took data on the 230-hour flight of 8-limbed birds, they found that in just one percent of the time, birds fluttered their wings and rose from the ground because they weighed so much.


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