Why is the Chinese media praising Narendra Modi?-otgnnewsupdate

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Why is the Chinese media praising Narendra Modi?-otgnnewsupdate

The Modi government has been facing powerful queries and criticism from the opposition since the killing of Indian troopers by Chinese troops within the Gulwan natural depression of Ladakh.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continually being criticized by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.
Rahul Gandhi aforesaid in a very recent tweet that China killed Indian troops, occupied the land, however still why is that the Chinese media praiseful Modi at the moment?
The Congress leader additionally denote a report on a piece revealed in Chinese media on social media.

The report comments on a piece within the Chinese media titled "India is cognizant that it cannot fight a war with China.
According to Chinese media, Modi is wiggling with words to cut back tensions, his aim is to appease his folks and boost the morale of the military.

The statement of the Indian Prime Minister within which Narendra Modi aforesaid that nobody has entered our territory and none of our posts has been confiscate has been well appreciated within the Chinese media.
According to Chinese media, the statement of the Indian Prime Minister may be useful in easing the stress between the 2 countries because the allegation leveled against China when this statement is virtuously over.
In this regard, Rahul Gandhi has written in another tweet criticizing that China has occupied our land and Asian country is negotiating to require it back whereas China says that it's its land and our Prime Minister Chinese brazenly supporting the position.

It may be recalled that within the previous couple of days, the Chinese army had killed twenty Indian troopers and harmed concerning eighty others for violating the border within the Gulwan natural depression, whereas ten officers, together with three officers, were in remission and later free.


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