The world's first drive-through ghost bungalow-otgnewsupdate

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
The world's first drive-through ghost bungalow-otgnewsupdate

The global epidemic of corona virus has changed countless cases around the world, with people now walking out and taking precautions as well as keeping their distance from each other.
The corona virus also caused changes in restaurants around the world, with reports of balcony concerts, drive-through cinemas and weddings.
Recently, the world's first 'drive-through ghost bungalow' has been built in Japan in which ghosts will also scare you considering the social distance.
According to the company that came up with the idea of ​​a drive-through ghost bungalow, the person enjoying the ghost bungalow will not have to get out of his car while the windows of his car will also be closed so that there is no danger of virus.
People who come to experience this ghost bungalow will have to get in their car and pay 8000 yen (75$)
If a customer does not have his own car and still wants to enjoy a drive-through ghost bungalow, he will have to pay 1000 yen in addition to the ghost bungalow fee, after which he will be given the company's own car facility. Which will be sterilized after each session.
This unique ghost bungalow is built in a scary garage in Izabo district of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, while the ghost bungalow will have a 20 minute session in which various ghosts and zombies will scare the customers.


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