Shoaib Malik will join the Pakistan team in England on July 24-otgnewsupdate

Saturday, June 20, 2020
Shoaib Malik will join the Pakistan team in England on July 24-otgnewsupdate

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Saturday gave special disability to Shoaib Malik by allowing him to join the national team in England on July 24 after spending time with his close family, which he did not see for nearly five months.
Malik's wife, Sania Mirza, and one-year-old son, Azaan Mirza Malik, are in India, while Shoaib Kovid has been in Sialkot since the international travel ban was imposed due to 19 epidemics.
Unlike all of us, Shoaib Malik did not see them
The Quaid 19 epidemic left the family immediately after its outbreak due to its commitments and subsequent international travel restrictions. PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that as travel restrictions are slowly being eased and there is an opportunity for family unity, it is appropriate that we take care of Shoaib's request at the human level and respect him. Demonstrate empathy as a duty.

We have spoken to the England and Wales Cricket Board who understand the situation and have agreed to exempt Shoaib from entering the country on July 24. Undoubtedly, Shoaib will follow the British government's policy on visitors to the country before it can be annexed.

The team will leave for Manchester on June 28, before leaving for Derbyshire for a 14-day break, during which they will be allowed to train and practice.


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