People of which blood group are more susceptible to corona virus-otgnewsupdate

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

People of which blood group are more susceptible to corona virus-otgnewsupdate

Scientists, like many other researchers, have studied which blood group of infected coronaviruses is rapidly infecting people.

 A study by biotechnology testing company '23 & Me 'claims that differences have been found in human genes that affect the blood that can cause code 19.

Scientists are researching genetic factors to find out why some people get the corona virus without symptoms, while those who do get symptoms become very ill, depending on their blood type. Or not.

That's why 23 & May launched a study in April that used the DNA profiles of millions of people to use their data to determine the role of genetics in disease.

According to the company, a person's blood type can tell how much he or she is exposed to the corona virus, so blood samples from up to 750,000 infected people were taken to show that the blood group ' People with O 'are less likely to be infected with Corona virus than those with' B 'and' AB 'blood groups.

According to research, people with blood group O are safer from the corona virus than other groups because they are 9 to 18% less likely than other groups to test positive for Covid-19. ۔

Research has shown that people with B and AB are more likely to be infected with the corona virus because B and AB have the highest rates of covid-19 positive test, while those with blood group A are between the two.

The company says the study's findings take into account age, gender, physical index and ethnicity.

While the study found that those with blood group O were the least affected by Covid-19, it found that a small number of people in the group went to the hospital for treatment because of the virus. Are

Research has also shown that if the blood group is B-negative or B-positive, there is no significant difference in the coronary heart rate of such people.

 However, so far it has not been seen that the positive blood group has been more affected or the negative group has been less.


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