More than 1300 killed in Karachi in just 10 days: KMC-otgnewsupdate

Sunday, June 14, 2020
More than 1300 killed in Karachi in just 10 days: KMC-otgnewsupdate

KARACHI: Coded 19 sounded the alarm in Karachi while more than 1300 people have been killed in the port city in just 10 days.

More than 1,300 bodies were brought to various metropolitan police cemeteries between June 1 and 10, according to figures released today by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The report said that this month has seen a 40% increase in the death rate in Karachi, adding that the situation has started deteriorating since the 10th of Ramadan.

The report said that 2,375 people were killed in Karachi during the entire month of June last year.

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Earlier today, the largest city in Pakistan, Oxygen Cylinder, has been heavily searched for food among the corona virus epidemics.

Due to oversupply of demand, a single cylinder worth Rs 5,000 before epidemics was now selling for Rs 30,000.

Doctors recommended using an oxygen cylinder at home for patients with symptoms of coronavirus and difficulty breathing. Both the price and supply of oxygen cylinders were hit by the proposal, which made consumers reluctant to buy them.


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