Travel Philip Island - Victoria Australia - Artical - News

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Travel Philip Island - Victoria Australia - Artical - News

Travel Philip Island - Victoria Australia - Artical - News

  • Unlike many hot summer evenings, this morning's temperature was like a spring breeze. Taking advantage of this change of weather, we also wanted to be part of an adventure. So when I looked at the outskirts of Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, the lot was drawn for Philip Island. The island is located about 148 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. The island is named after Arthur Philip, the first governor of the state of New South Wales, as he is credited with discovering it and arrived here on 5 January 1798. Philip is not only an island but also a port. It has a total area of   100 square kilometers and a population of about 10,000.

  • After breakfast, all the family members packed their bags and packed their bags, but were well convinced that the weather would not change because the weather in Australia does not take long to change and the weather in Melbourne is not reliable at all. In Pakistan, the four seasons that are seen throughout the year, these seasons can be seen in one day here; that is why the people here are very careful and often travel even in hot weather with cold goods in their car.

  • As soon as we left for the trip, the weather was very humane, ie the temperature was 23 degrees Celsius but the sky was a bit smoky. While nature has blessed Australia with countless blessings, the slightest misfortune for the people of this country is that every summer, bush fires burn millions of acres to ashes here. However, due to the attention of the government and its ability to control the emergency, there were no major casualties. Would have My topic today is not Bushfire However, since the weather is a bush fire, it was mentioned unintentionally.

  • Our journey continued and Melbourne's metro population ended after about fifty to sixty kilometers to the southeast, and as soon as the countryside began, industries began to appear on each side of the road, with rows of trees on either side. Behind them were visible farms spread far and wide. In these fields the wheat crop had been cut but large bundles of hay bales were lying on all sides. Then the series of different types of farms started and sometimes sheep and cows started grazing in the pastures and sometimes horses were also enjoying the hay.From which it was very easy to guess that besides wheat, other crops are also grown on these farms. After a drive of about an hour and a half, a series of small hills started and occasional farmhouses could be seen on these hills from time to time. Shortly afterwards, the bridge over the sea was connected to San Remo, the mainland town of Victoria, to Newhaven, the town on the island of Philip. The length of the bridge is about six hundred meters. On the right was a chocolate factory that seems to have been built after much deliberation so that tourists could visit it and earn some foreign exchange. Be taken We also parked our car and saw that there was a long queue of tourists.All of them wanted to see the process of making chocolate in the factory and enjoy free chocolate. Each person had to pay seventeen dollars for a ticket to enter. We lined up for a while but time was running out and we went to the factory. The tour was postponed and we set out in search of New Haven. As we proceeded a little further, we saw a sign on the side of the road that read, "Churchill Island" on this side. It is connected to Churchill Island and has a total area of   about 125 acres. The island is also considered a historic European heritage site in Victoria.

  • Some activities were also arranged here for the attraction of tourists. For example, for those who enjoy boating, a trip to this part of the sea was arranged. Equipment was also provided for those who go fishing. Athletes could also enjoy the game and there were walking tracks for visitors to the island on foot. There were also small ponds on this small island in which rainwater was collected. In these ponds. The big ducks were roaring. Step dumplings were even walk.All these animals were inside a fence but open. In Australia, farmers do not cut fodder for cows, sheep, goats and horses, but keep them in open enclosures, where they voluntarily fill their stomachs with grass of their choice, either in the evening or as needed. Farmers chase them away with the help of security dogs and take them to the shed. We were driving when suddenly we reached a dead end. It was a very beautiful beach where some people were surfing.When we landed on the sand, the light waves of clear blue water would rise towards the shore and return with their heads bowed. When I saw this scene, it seemed as if Mirza Asadullah Ghalib had reflected the same scene in his poem. ۔

  • It would have been better if the desert had not died in the dust

  • The river dies in the dust

  • Each wave died with a terrifying sound. The seagulls were swinging on the waves, perhaps in search of prey so that the waves could offer them a delicious fish. The good news about this beach was that a man The filth spread by was not even named after Winshan; however, in some places there were parts of sea bushes which were shaped like pine and the fruits were scattered like grapes or there were small black stones which testified to this. The rocks in this part of the ocean would be black. There were no significant seashells here. As I walked, I saw a small isolated mound in the water.We decided to walk there and walked for about three kilometers. During this time we covered some distance on the sand and then reached the height of the beach and to reach the top we had to climb about thirty or forty steps which were made for the convenience of tourists. When we came up from here the view of the sea is very beautiful. There seemed to be a deception. There were small dunes and small holes in them, there were no trees anywhere, there were just small shrubs that are usually in the sandy ground. There was a regular path for pedestrians. Entry was forbidden. One special thing was that cameras were installed at a short distance on this walking track. The cameras were installed to monitor the movement of animals in the area.We tried to peek inside the holes as we walked, but nothing was seen. A little further on, we saw a dove-like bird sitting in a hole with a long beak and its young. We kept going and reached the mound which was made of red stones and looked like a work of human hand, but it was not like that, but it was a manifestation of the ingenuity of nature and it was also very attractive.After photographing and seeing this mound, we made our way back and suddenly we saw an animal walking on the road. His gait was like that of a duck, but he could not move as fast as it did. The color of this animal was dark brown and it had thorns on its body and long beak. It was Echidna, a native animal of Australia. I was very happy to see that something. Looked and felt like we got the benefit of today's tour. When we got out of here we explored other parts of the island but the most notable place in it was the Koala Reserve which was made up of white trees and the Koala was their They were busy worshiping their stomachs with leaves.

  • The biggest activity on the island was the penguin parade, which could be seen after sunset at the other end of the island. We turned around and after driving a few kilometers came a check post where It was said that only those who have tickets can enter this area and at the same time it was written that all the tickets for today have been sold out.I was very disappointed to know this but amused by saying that no matter what, we have already seen penguins in granite iceland adjacent to Victor Harbor in South Australia. It is as if the grapes are sour! Take the road home, so this is what happened and continued our journey on the highway passing through the middle of the island on which big trees stood in rows. While driving on the same highway, we suddenly reached a place where there was a crowd of people. Going closer, we found out that there is a fair here where the top wine was being sold. Since there is no interest in this fair. He was not there so we did not consider it appropriate to stop and headed back to Melbourne. After a two hour drive we returned home safe and sound.


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