The richest people in the world have an amazing plan to live forever - news

Monday, May 18, 2020
The richest people in the world have an amazing plan to live forever

New York Every human being desires eternal life, but it is not possible for every living soul to taste death under the command of God Almighty. However, the rulers of the world are still striving to live forever and now this One of his most astonishing plans has also come to light. According to the Daily Star, the plan is for the world's billionaires to have their brains removed after death and implanted in humanoid robots. In this way the mind will be their own and the body artificial, and they will have eternal life after that.

According to the report, this plan of the emperors has been revealed by the well-known futurist and former British MP Dr. Ian Pearson. The princes of the world are secretly working on this mission and my prediction is that for the next few decades they will be able to transplant their brains into humanoid robots and live forever, he said. In a few decades, technology will be so advanced that the difference between humans and robots will be diminishing.

Dr. Ian said: We see that even today technology has reached this point to some extent and implants are being made from the retina of the eye to many other organs which were previously considered impossible. So I think by the 2050s, technology will be able to implant the human brain into robots.


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