Donald Trump can try to get closer to India to balance China: Chinese media

Friday, May 29, 2020

Its state media said that under the Trump administration, India-US relations would have a limited impact on China

India-US relations will be a key part of President-elect Donald Trump's diplomacy to "suppress" China, but to maintain an independent foreign policy with Washington, Delhi has Beijing will have a limited impact. Chinese state media said today.

In an article in the state, titled "Trump may be cool to ally with Delhi", he wrote, "With the aim of stabilizing the external situation and resolving issues at home, the Trump administration has established better relations with India." Will do". The Global Times said today.

However, the commentary said that India would not be able to help the United States much because of its domestic problems, and thus the United States would lose its enthusiasm to form an alliance.

It further said that India "maintaining alignment diplomacy as a world power" would not set any goal of allying with the United States in suppressing China as the United States had hoped.

Therefore, there are unequivocal differences between the US intentions to forge closer ties with India to balance China and India's vision of promoting free diplomacy between the US and China.

He said that while addressing global challenges such as climate change, nuclear proliferation and terrorism, the United States could require India to play a greater role in specific areas that only the United States is concerned about. ۔

He says it will reduce India's confidence in the United States and strengthen the level of bilateral cooperation that the United States is looking forward to.

Explaining the limits of US-India relations under the Trump administration, the article said it would have a "limited impact" on China.

It said deep security cooperation between the United States and India during the Obama administration would be replaced by Trump's adjustment in diplomacy to ease pressure on China.

Chinese state media began attacking Trump yesterday after his election, for the first time since questions about the devaluation of China's currency and Beijing's claims to the South China Sea.


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